Charlie Christmas Releases New Single "Happy Day"

Charlie Christmas has released a new track entitled Happy Day. The single is fresh off his debut album Weird Old Man. The album comprises of 14 tracks and is available on streaming services.

Throughout the duration of the track, there is an oddly warming sense of happiness and chill factor. The track is laid back and a joy to listen to. The vocals in this track fit well with the beautifully put together instrumental. There's so much to enjoy and appreciate about this track. It's a track that fits all social occasions and a track anyone can vibe to.

Charlie Christmas is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music-monger and nap enthusiast. He has busy hands, dancing feet, and a big heart—all conditions for which he is currently taking medication. He has spent the party-size portion of his adult life performing and recording with musical outfits that range from the illustrious to the unlistenable, including Urge Overkill, Moris Tepper, Dogbowl, the Huge Bastards, Shovelhead Bigtop, Filthmobile, Knob & Nozzle, The Blahs, Lisa Parade, The Mobile Homeboys and The Doublewide Kings.

Charlie has done an exceptional job on this single, and also the album. The unique theme and warmness of the track establishes a deep connection with all listeners. This is definitely a track you want to add to your playlist.

We are excited for future projects from Charlie Christmas. This artist is beaming with potential and will go far in the music industry.

Listen Here: