iaki Vallejo and Alexis Play Release New Track "Maria Se Fue"

iaki Vallejo and Alexis Play have released a new track entitled Maria Se Fue.

Maria Se Fue is Spanish and translates to Maria Left. The Spanish vocals delivered by iaki Vallejo are in tune with the alive backing track, and the rap vocals offered by Alexis Play are on point as well. The track has a strong tropical/foreign vibe to it that is enjoyable to experience.

Iaki was born and raised in Colombia. However, she is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Making waves around the world with her music. She fuses multiple genres and experiments in order to create the perfect sound. Genres such as jazz,soul, salsa, afro-beat, funk, neo-soul and reggae. Music has been heavily involved from a very young age for Iaki and continues to be relevant as she sources a career in music.

You can listen on Spotify here:

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0vgXZwUb17rpZdiaKLuafl