Sawyer Releases New EP "Soul City Live"

Sawyer has released a New EP entitled Soul City Live. The EP is all live as the title suggest. It's 4 tracks of hit songs, filled with stellar vocals and almighty played drums, guitar and bass.

The track list for the EP is as follows:

1." Never Know" 2. "Down Motown" 3. "Sleep" 4. "Hey DJ"

The EP starts with the track Never Know. This track is almighty and triumphant. The energy of the live performance can be felt in the vocals. The drums and guitar goes off in this track truly. There is a certain energy of this track that can't be described. The EP then transitions into Down Motown. This track is an ease to listen to, everything about it works. Down Motown has a superior sound that I personally enjoy vibing to. The track Sleep contridicts the title. This track is very much alive and continues the energy and momentum of the track very well. I love this band's energy and what they have created. To wrap up the EP is Hey Dj. This track is triumpahnt and a great song to finish on. You feel good listening to this track and it completes the EP well.

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