NoëlTheWeirdPianist Releases Debut Single "My Room" Fresh Off Of An Upcoming EP

14-year-old alternative pianist NoëlTheWeirdPianist, has released his debut studio track entitled My Room. The track is fresh off of the artist debut EP Acquarium in E which is yet to be released.

The track is identified as alternative but is much more then that. The track manouveres between Hip Hop and classical jazz. The classicaly trained pianst kills it in this track. The melody is beautioffuly played, and the combination of 808s and kicks and snares and what not works so well.

We got to speak with NoëlTheWeirdPianist in regards to My Room.

"This track is reflected on the cliche attitudes that come from a minority of teenagers trapped in there Rooms not being able to find anything better with there daily routines."

The track also features the great Chin Bow Won, who offers a great rap verse in the middle of the track.

Listen Here: