Interviewing Furea

We were fortunate enough to interview EDM artist Furea.

When and where were you born? I was born in 1998 in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. I still have really good friends and my family there! Did you grow up in the same city? Would you call Ankara as your "hometown"? I wouldn't really call Ankara as my hometown but I still know that I belong to it. I can't really feel a connection between me and the places I live or lived in. Right now I'm living in Bremen but I dream everyday moving to Amsterdam. I guess these places are somehow never enough for me. Still. I miss every time my friends so bad, I cry every time in the bus or plane when I'm leaving for a long time. (laughs) Wasn't it hard for you to move to another country?

Yeah but in different aspects a person might think of, like loneliness and culture shock. The negative sides of the german culture is one of my biggest inspirations. Like hiding emotions etc. After learning the language and having german friends, things became even more obvious. I felt like I had to correct them. So you learned first to speak German in Bremen? Yes, I went to a language school for a year and wrote a language test to study at the university. Then I started with my studies but right now I'm just really into music. How did you spend your childhood? Did you have any problems wıth your family? I had no problem with my parents they are just amazing. No words. When did you start making music? When I was like 9 or 10, I started to play the violin but it was too hard for me. After that I switched to the guitar. That was like a big step for me. I'm just producing since 7 months but that music theory knowledge helped me a lot. Last year I just downloaded a demo version of a DAW and came up with the stage name FUREA. What did you inspire the most while writing your last single "Girls"? (Laughs) I guess I wanted to draw a line between women and girls. When I first wrote it, I was like damn… That is sketchy and exciting. Like the girls who don't know what they want. So what inspires you in general? My feelings and heartache in general. I want to share my emotions with a crowd and I want them to feel the same way as possible. Do you feel comfortable in Germany with the type of genre you produce? Not really... that is why I mentioned Amsterdam and Holland in general. I'm a great Bitbird fan and I really want to work with them. Are more projects on the way?

Definitely, I have also an upcoming remix and 2 songs just waiting on my computer.

How can fans find you? I'm currently on every streaming platform as FUREA, for my social media accounts it goes the same. I will leave the links here: Spotify: Apple Music/ Itunes: SoundCloud: Instagram: Facebook: