Green Tea Goblins Release New Single "Chocolate Milk Jug"

Green Tea Goblins have released a new single entitled Chocolate Milk Jug.

The band is a small garage band from Pennsylvania. The group consist of three people Caleb Belly on bass, Josh Lint is the guitarist as well as lead vocals and Taylor Blunt on drums. The band's music is of dark nature, known well for their demonic vocals and heavy instrumental.

Chocolate Milk Jug is everything you would want in a metal/rock song. The dark vocals are thrilling, the instrumental is demonic, and the composition as a whole is complete and done well. The track is intriguing and different from the everyday sounds you hear on the radio, so give this band a try. Their music is top notch and the band is beaming with talent and potential to grow into a metal powerhouse.

Listen Here: