Patrick Carpenter Set To Release New Album "Friday Night Hallelujah" May 24

Singer-Songwriter Patrick Carpenter is set to release his 12 track album entitled Friday Night Hallelujah on May 24. The album is available for pre-order on May 9th.

We were fortunate enough to speak to Patrick prior to this article, and get an exclusive listen on the upcoming album. We were stunned by the album's sincere and mesmerizing sound. This is an album to get excited for. May 24, jot it in the calendar folks!

The opening track to this magnificent album entitled Throwback is triumphant and glorious. Its a beautiful introduction to the album, igniting memories of the good ol' times in preparation for the album that values a lifestyle not based on materialistic possessions, but a lifestyle that values life in itself. Coming Back Stronger follows the opening track. The drums really pull in the audience from the get go, followed by the guitar and then the vocals. This track is astonishing.

Friday Night Hallelujah is a main focus for the album that shares the same name. This track is exciting. The vocals, like in every track, are glorious and fit so perfectly with all aspects of the instrumental. This track is so easy to put on and jam out to. I thoroughly enjoy this track and I'm positive you will too.

Daydream has a nostalgic, good ol times', head bopping, foot tapping feel about it. This track is wholesome and a joy to listen to. Its a Sunday afternoon song that makes you really appreciate life and what you have in front of you, a personal favorite on the album.

Regret Me starts off a bit slower then the tracks prior. There is a aspect of self reflection in this album. He talks about an ex-lover and his personal struggles. You can admire the strength Patrick shows and puts into this track. A truly inspiring song to move forward to.

Met Expectations has a real good rock and roll feel too it. The energy in this track is exciting and fun to jam to. This track takes an uplifting turn from the prior track and keeps the crowd moving.

Kiss Me When You're Sober takes a slower approach. It demonstrates Patrick's ability to master and convey multiple emotions in music. This track is wholesome and a beautiful track as a whole.

The track Up for a Runaway, starts in a very interesting manner. The upbeat attitude in the guitar, drums and vocals adds a unique touch to this composition. A great touch.

Drink Of You, like most of the tracks in this album, is done well and sounds great. The vocals are triumphant and on point. This artist's vocals are perfect, and he hits all the right notes on this track.

I love the way I cant wait to meet her starts. Its a different and suspenseful sound that can really be appreciated, and it fits so well with Patrick's vocals. This track as a whole is beautiful and spot on.

Second last track, Chance On Me, begins with the marvelously played guitar. A slower jam, but Patrick's execution in this track is perfect, heartfelt and meaningful.

The final track Baptized by the whiskey, wraps up the album perfectly. From the clicks to the guitar to the vocals, this track wraps up the album perfectly. This album is one for the ages and you will enjoy this album upon its release. May 24

Fresh out of the Booth Rating - 10/10

The track listing for this hit new album is as follows:

1. Throwback 2. Coming Back Stronger 3. Friday Night Hallelujah 4. Daydream 5. Regret Me 6. Met Expectations 7. Kiss me when you're sober 8. Up for a Runaway 9. Drink of You 10. I cant wait to meet her 11. Chance on Me 12. Baptized by the whiskey

About Patrick Carpenter:

A guitar slinging, singer/songwriter blurring the lines of mainstream pop, 80’s rock and traditional country to fill stadiums, dives and even back house porches. Patrick Carpenter began playing guitar at age 11.

Heavily inspired by country superstar Kenny Chesney, he knew he wanted to at least give music a chance. Carpenter was accepted at age 9 into a visual arts school where art was already heavily influenced into his life.

“I always loved working with my hands and creating ideas on paper.” After playing guitar for about a month or so he quit. “Yeah, I just didn’t feel that music was going to become anything for me. But, I still loved it and listened to as much as I could."

A month later he found himself sitting front row at his house watching the latest episode of CMT Crossroads. This episode was different, it featured a fresh, new group at the time, Sugarland, and the legendary 80’s rock band, Bon Jovi. Just a few bars into “Livin’ on a Prayer,” Carpenter found himself gazing at the virtuosity of guitarist Richie Sambora. “He was so different than anyone else I heard. He was flashy while tasteful. His face expressed such emotion in every note. The guy just oozed ‘coolness’ to me. He didn’t have to play a billion notes a second to impress anyone and I really appreciated that. Also, he had this thing called a Talk Box and I wanted that right then. I have spent countless hours trying to be him.”

That night changed Patrick forever. “After seeing him play, I knew what I wanted to do.”

After learning his craft over a year or so, Patrick found himself playing regularly in his youth group’s praiseband at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Madison, MS. “I quickly grew fond of Worship music. Church was a fantastic outlet for music, but also I quickly learned the importance of Worship music and, quite honestly, it’s my favorite thing to do.”