Calle Ameln Is Set To Release His New Single "Whiskey Tears" on May 24

Calle Ameln is set to release a new single entitled Whiskey Tears on May 24.

Ameln is going back to his old roots of classic rock in this hit new single. His music is usually described as country rock with some elements of modern pop - but this new track is the classic rock tune with a little tease of country.

The track starts with that intense guitair solo, setting the crowd up for a wild ride. The vocals and the drums in this track gets the listner gee'd up. It gives me chills just talking about it now. This track is powerful. This track is moving. The tune in this track is so raw and just makes me get in the pick up truck and ride around the country roads to this. This track is an experience and one of Ameln's best yet.

May 24!

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