Fyah George Releases New Track "I Believe"

Reggae artist Fyah George has released a new track entitled I Believe.

The last couple of years Fyah George has released a series of great tunes that has firmly established him as one of the great voices of contemporary reggae. His new single, I Believe, is an anthem of hope to a world in need of just that.

A peaceful and bright future should be attainable for all. No matter their gender, skin color, age or nationality they all have the right to safety, food, medicine, education, work and a home. One Love! The released is produced by Norwegian producer Pop-I with the vocals recorded in Jamaica's legendary Bigship Studios.

The track expresses positive vibes and I'm all about that. The harmony and peaceful themes expressed in this track is truly beautiful. The upbeatness and energy in the track must be credited. Fyah George does a magnificent job in expressing what is important for him and the world in the form of music so excellently.

Listen Here: