Kid Chad Releases New Album "Sa.Me"

Kid Chad has released a new album on streaming services entitled Sa.Me.

Before we get into the excellent tracks in this album, we need to talk about the album and the history behind it as well as the history behind Kid Chad.

The album is pronounced Same but can be read as Same Me. There are multiple reasonings for this:

Kid Chad tells us:

1 - "It is also a reference to my wife Samantha as she was a main inspiration to the album."

2- "It is two Egyptian words. Sa is an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the protection of the youth, and was warn as a good luck charm for pregnant women. Me means people in Egyptian. The Egyptian context is highly significant of the esoteric understandings within the album, as well as correlating to the cover art with a bird on my head depicted as a risen pharaoh or Horus himself. Most of my tattoos are Egyptian as well."

The track list is as following:

1- Abundance

2 -Names on a Cloud

3 -Time Stands Still

4 -Dreaming

5 -Hypnotized

6 -Purpose

7 -Tonight

8 -Our Dance

Making music is always about positivity, even when the topic is negative. Kid Chad's music possesses a certain old-school feel to the production, and his voice is reminiscent of alternative music. His album Sa.Me is a reflection of that as the vocals, beats and themes of the tracks in the album maintain a sense of positivity, even when times get rough.

You can hear the passion and emotion Kid Chad puts into music. Names on a Cloud especially does this well. The emotion can be felt in the remincsient vocals. Following Names on a Cloud is Time Stands Still. This track takes a more optimistic approach and the theme is about persistence and continuing on.

Dreaming has a really nice old school feel to it, the instrumental with the twist of modernised vocals is a really interesting combo and works so well for Kid Chad.

Perhaps my favourite track of the album is my final one, Our Dance. The flow and style in this track is unlike anything I've ever heard before, and I've heard a lot of songs in my time. Being able to create a flow unlike anything I've heard before and make it sound so strong and perfect is a real accomplishment.

This album is highly recommended and you need to hear it for yourself to really experience what Kid Chad has to offer and where his career in music will take him in years to come.

Listen Here: