Wlav Releases New Single "Shatter"

Wlav has released a new track entitled Shatter.

Ryan Allen, otherwise known as Wlav, is an indie-electronic artist from the mountains of North Carolina. He prides himself on DIY production and works primarily out of his own bedroom-made-home studio as a fully independent artist.

His new track Shatter is an interesting composition, as it creates a sense of uniqueness and exploration. The tracks instrumental is versatile and rare. The sounds are unlike anything I've heard before, yet, create a narrative and an adventure up to my imagination and interpretation. The track features Hardy Harajuku, and his input adds to the uniqueness of the rare and rigid sound.

Ryan got his start in music by producing DJ mixes for fans of his tumblr (whitelinesandversace), where he built a following after several viral posts. 2015 saw the release of his first EP, and shortly after he began working on a debut album. Fall 2016 saw the release of 1001. 2017 was a very busy year for Ryan as he worked hard to evolve his sound and incorporate vocals into his tracks. Before the end of the year he had released two singles, Gold and Wasting My Time, both featured on his Honors EP which saw Ryan collaborating more with visual and vocal artists. December 2018 marked the release of the long-anticipated horror EP 1959. Looking forward, 2019 is set to be Ryan’s biggest year yet. Setting the stage for everything to come,

His sophomore album ‘Famous on the Internet” is scheduled for summer 2019. Drawing on his personal experiences with social media & his observations of our culture, this album will tackle the the digital age & the modern creation of the “internet persona.”

Listen Here: