Interview With Composer Melvin Fromm Jr

Q- So Melvin is your instrumental well known any where?. A- Yes it has been getting lots of play all over Singapore for 2 years and in the USA my instrumental tracks have already made it to national radio stations over the past year. Q- What Style of instrumental music do you do?. A- I do many styles of instrumental music from country, pop, jazz, blues and more. Q- Do you only do studio recordings?. A- Yes all my music is done in the studio by groups of very talented music people that have worked with major stars from country, pop, jazz, blues and more in studio and on stage. Q-How did YouTube pick up your Music?. A- My record label released it to YouTube and YouTube has been releasing a lot of my music with lots more to come as I have to thank the grace of God for this chance. Q-Where can people hear your music @ on YouTube?. A-Please go to as my playlist keeps growing there with the grace of God and a lot of hard work of a lot of great people I am truly thankful for.