Dutty Devioso Releases New Album "Precipice"

Dutty Devioso has released a new 16 track album entitled Precipice.

The album provides peace of mind more than finical gain. Dutty identifies music as "Therapeutic" and hopes this album can offer his fans the same help it gave him.

The thorough and strong vocals emphasise the passion and pride Dutty puts into his music. The legendary lyricism is carefully composed to emit a flow of uniqueness and voice of power. This is noted from the first track Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo right until Already Alright (the final track of the album). The themes are genuine and sincere, and skip the money rap, rather the themes perceived are of personal struggles and thoughts Dutty has. The beats from song to song are all engaging. The kicks and the heavy 808s comply with the snares and hit hats. The melody and often samples pull the compositions together to create complete and meaningful compositions. This is a highly recommended album, praised for the uniqueness, sincerity and creativity in all compositions.

Listen Here:


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