Introducing Masquerade Singer

Heres something new! A musician with high class vocals all the way from Brazil and he records all of his music of the upbeat tune ... with a mask on!

Perhaps one of this prodigy's best works is his cover of Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The astonishing vocals on top of the traditional instrumental of a piano is heaven. He hits all the right highs and lows and takes you on a trip in this beautiful track.

Another great track by this artist is his recreation of Johnny Cash's Hurt. An emotional filled track with a moving instrumental and vocals you lose yourself to. This artist provides clarity in his music and creates an emotional yet sacred experience when listening to classics.

This artist has gained a lot of attention for his music and unique and loveable persona, amassing more than 1,000,000 views on his youtube account, and a fan page topping over 20,000 likes. Masquerade Singer is prepared to grow even bigger as he takes on the music industry, with his own twist.

Listen Here: