Allen Releases New Single "Lovers and Friends"

Singer/Songwriter Allen has released a new single entitled Lovers and Friends.

The single is of an upbeat nature and it draws in the listener from early stages. The build up in accordance with the vocals at the start creates a feel good vibe for the track. The upbeat nature of the track progresses with the rhythm of the kick which works so well with the genre and emotion of the track. The vocals complement the soundtrack to create a surreal listening experience. This is a highly recommended track.

Listen Here:

In 2014, Allen moved to USA (New York), where he continued his music career.

After many unsuccessful attempts of making a band the decision was made that being a solo artist is the only option to continue of making a music. He met Ian Litovich in 2018 who produced future songs. The two started to work on an EP, which in the process turned into LP. That project is predicted to be released next month.

"All I ever wanted is to create music and share it with people who cares about music as much as I do. A debut single Lovers and Friends from upcoming album Run Wild is filled out with that feeling. This song is about people I love and there’s no better way to tell them about it than through my songs. " - Allen