Deane Nesbitt Jr. Releases New Album "Soundtracks in the Sand"

Deane Nesbitt Jr. has released a new album entitled Soundtracks in the Sand.

His new album consist of 11 upbeat and sometimes dramatic soundtracks, capturing the essence and emotion felt when you are closely aligned with nature and more specifically, the beach as the album cover suggest. The soundtracks leave out the element of vocals and allow for the listener to create an interpretation based on feeling. A great example where Deane Nesbitt Jr. creates a tense and dramatic vibe, juxtaposed with the upbeat nature, is in his track Legacy For War. In this track, you feel dramatic tension rising in the score, and it works so well in creating a narrative. This album is highly recommended for all who seek authenticity and soundtracks in music.

Although Deane has composed music for years, he does not read music. His unique background consists of practicing law for 16 years, co-founding an investment management company and writing an illustrated history of a 1912 investment bank.

Deane's music has been aired on more than 300 radio stations across America and Canada. His recent CD, Music in Search of a Movie, won the Philby Award in the United States for being one of the top 100 music CDs of 2015 and the Best Dramatic Music of the year. The album ranked on five CMJ charts for New World Music, reaching one of the top three positions on each. You can listen to Deane's music on Spotify.

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