Im Just Dane Releases New Single "I Don't Need'em"

Im Just Dane has released a new track entitled I Don't Need'em.

The track starts with a bendy 808 and intense intro vocals. As the track starts, the tune takes a quick turn and develops into a strong and powerful track, accompanied by RnB styled vocals, providing a catchy hook and engaging vocals with a unique and captivating melody. This track is top notch and works well on all levels. It's a song that works into any social occasion thanks to its enjoyable nature and phenomenal vocals accompanied by the intriguing instrumental.

Im Just Dane is a musician currently based in Los Angeles. While growing up in Chicago, Im Just Dane was influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Usher and other classic R&B artists of the ’90s and 2000s. Im Just Dane’s signature style blends soul, blues and trap into what he calls "Contemporary R&B." His latest project, an EP entitled "A Conduit of Light" is about his past struggles in life and how he has overcome them. You can catch Im Just Dane live on May 5th at Stokely’s Social House.

His latest single "I Don't Need'em" is his latest release.

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