Phoenix Lord & Robin S Release New Single "I Believe"

Canadian DJ Phoenix Lord has teamed up with American singer/songwriter Robin S, to release a new hit single entitled I Believe.

"I Believe" is a powerful song carrying a message of hope and faith. With a nod to the sounds of the 90s, while being current, this song invites you to dance and inspire you to become a better version of yourself and to believe that anything is possible.

The rhythm of this track feels vibrant and reminiscent of 90s house. The song is progressive thanks to the strong kicks and percussion. The track comes alive thanks to the vocal delivery by Robin S. All in all this track is enjoyable to listen to and can easily get a crowd moving.

Robin S was named Best Dance Artist at the Billboard Awards in 1993 and her mega hit "Show Me Love" received the award for Best Dance Single

Listen Here: