Rapper Jalen McMillan Set to Release Groundbreaking Single & EP ‘Triple Threat’

Rapper Jalen McMillan is set to release his groundbreaking new single and EP Triple Threat on May 17, 2019. The new album includes three songs entitled, Azz Back, Call My Name, Nykee, and one bonus track, “Keep it 1000.” Call My Name has already been released and has gone instantly viral on Soundcloud.

Call my name finds the fine line between hip hop and RnB. The chorus has the RnB vibe and works magnificently in setting up the track. When the verse kicks in, the genre takes a swift shift and the immaculate rap flow of Jalen McMillian kicks in. Completing the track and creating an experience.

Call My Name is the only track from the upcoming EP that is available to listen to now on Soundcloud:

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This however, is not an RnB album, and the following track on the EP Nykee (ft Bachi) switches up and takes the fast approach. The rap flow on this track complements the already fire instrumental. This track displays Jalen McMillan's talent as an artist.

When asked about the rationale behind the name of the album, Jalen indicates, “Triple Threat comes with three new songs in which I rap, sing, and produce each track. I want to be as involved as possible in the creation and release of my music to make sure my fans truly understand who I am as an artist.”

Jalen fans will be delighted to know that he also has plans to release a mixtape called Miami Ten after the music video has been released.