Introducing Ensemble Voyagers

Ensemble Voyagers is an open ensemble created by Daniele Montagner which explores the musical roots of Western Civilizations and infuses their sound with contemporary tonality. Their new project "El Cant Dels Ocells” (The Song Of The Birds) is a 11:30 minute experience that fans of soundtracks are raving about.

The Ensemble Voyagers created by Daniele Montagner is an "open" ensemble dedicated to the exploration of musical jewels ranging from the roots of Western civilization to the traditions of non-European cultures, passing through medieval music to the present day. With the use of original musical instruments or made according to the organology in vogue, a sound journey is undertaken through the aesthetics that has represented and continues to represent the history of humanity, its roots and its evolution.

Components that have collaborated with the Ensemble Voyagers are:

  • Daniele Montagner, flutes and artistic director

  • Manu Saladino, sound engineer and percussion

  • Aki Osada, voice

  • Shinobu Kikuchi, vocals

  • Gruppo Vocale Famiglia Sala, choir

  • Ugo Nastrucci, lute, qambus, oud

  • Floriano Rosini, baroque trombone

  • Tiziano Nizzia, armonium

  • Paolo Coggiola, composer

The ensemble group have done an exceptional job on their latest project "El Cant Dels Ocells” (The Song Of The Birds.

The vocals are glorious and convey a story upon the sounds of medieval nostalgia. The flutes and the various other instruments in both tracks work immaculately in creating an experience. The sounds mirror the music of the medieval time and what is achieved by Ensemble Voyagers must be commanded.

Listen to their new project El Cant Dels Ocells” (The Song Of The Birds) here: