Peter Edwards Releases New Album "Invisible Storm"

Peter Edwards, based in Ipswich , England. Has released a new album entitled Invisible Storm.

The album was released early in May 2019 through Bentley Records, an international record-label. The album is entitled Invisible Storm because it deals mainly with serious painful issues which not everyone but the sufferer is aware of.

The musician lost contact with his 4 year old daughter Kaci Storm Edwards - whom he has not seen or heard from due to a marriage breakdown 2 years ago. There are also other topics which this album tackles. The song ' Chillin'- is about being shunned by people whom you thought were your close friends , however, they now avoid you because you are now perceived to be too low or not good enough association. 'Gimmi The Strength' is about striving to reach spiritual high , but coming short- because we are all imperfect and ' Superfine My Oh My' is a similar theme , though the search here is for an elusive physical love not a spiritual one.

There are some positive upbeat songs such as 'Doggy Paddle' and 'Light It Up' where the musician shows some excitement and happiness despite the dark themes on other songs.

Peter Edwards is a man of resilience and strength, and that his demonstrated through his music. Edwards creates great music, with a range of emotions, through his use of lyricism and creative instrumental.

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