Introducing Kief Brown

As an 8 year-old wunderkid, Kief recalls entertaining his family and friends or anyone who would listen. The musician was born in the musical underbelly, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Like the timeless and renaissance legends reared from NOLA, Kief knows no genre. With lyrics and sounds so vivid, no one genre is worthy of containing his light. He explains, he can play many positions in the game. Artist, singer, songwriter, producer, artist developer and entre- preneur. Not knowing what he really had in his hand, he recalls having to explain to his mother what a record deal and label was.

Kief shared an account, at 17, as a minor, having his mother signing his contract, for his first major record deal. “Music is the most powerful gift”, Kief stamps. Working with artist such as: Lupe Fiasco, he intentional strives to con- nect different styled artists with unconventional songs, beats, artists, etc. He is most known for his credits on Lupe Fiasco’s hit single , The Show Goes On,” three times Grammy nomi- nated. His sole purpose of music is to inspire others to use their platform to share their gifts. Empowering others to make room for themselves and their gifts, is his passion and chal- lenge. It is particularly important for Kief to leave a carbon foot print in music. Let’s break that down. When talking about the climate change (or in our case, shift in energy, of the relationship) the footprint is a metaphor for the total impact that something is making. The carbon is the infectious energy. He is here to counteract that dark energy. Inspiring next generations of artists to free their minds from the soul ties of the machine, and instead create a soulmate with your craft. Your music.

Kief Brown - Naked Gmix

This track was not what I initially expected, but i'm glad I was able to listen to this sacred track. The vocals on this track are angelic, and complement the beautifully played guitar. The theme of this track is unique and catchy, and creates for a beautiful listener experience. This is a highly reccomended track.