Mr. P Chill Set To Release New Track

On Friday, May 17, 2019, Mr. P Chill is back with his brand new single, “Where Do We Go?”!

This track ask’s the question of what direction is society taking during a particularly turbulent time in history. Chill starts off the track with “When the world starts looking like Worldstar/You know down deep in your heart/We ain’t come that far” and proceeds to address issues facing people in 2019. Always known for having political themes to his music, “Where Do We Go?” will not disappoint listeners. The simple hook, sung by Mr. P Chill, “Where do we go?/Where do we go?/I don’t know” will be stuck in the head of listeners who will find themselves singing it themselves long after listening to the track. The plan for Mr. P Chill in 2019 is to release a series of singles throughout the spring and summer, then his landmark 14th studio album in the Fall. If you are looking for more content to hold you over until the full length, be sure to listen to his last album, Funky Uncle Chill, which came out in August of 2018, on all digital platforms.

Mr. P Chill released the music video for the single last night and you can watch here:

Can't see the player? Click Here

Edit: The single is now available on Spotify: