TexMex Shaman Releases EP "Fever In The South"

Approximately seven months ago, rockstar TexMex Shaman released his EP Fever In The South. Filled with six unconventional yet honest and kick ass tracks. TexMex is set to release his new album in 2020 so we thought we would look at his past project to get a sense for this artist in the build up for his new album.

His music has very few lyrics, rather its the music that speaks the volumes. All six tracks are self-indulgent and up to the audience's interpretation. The artist delivers an experience with his versatile and dynamic rhapsody. TexMex is primarily a guitarist, and that can account for the skill and superb talent demonstrated in his EP.

We are excited for his follow up and hope there is more of these wild rides. Instrumentals that tell stories such as Yes, They Deliver and Peking Bass, which highlights the bass playing of this artist.

Listen Here