Alexander Pielsticker Releases New Track "2 The Ones"

Alexander Pielsticker has released a new track entitled 2 the Ones.

This is an intriguing track. It has a nice house/dance feel to it and a warm bass, that complements the astonishing vocals to complete the track. The drop in this track is something unlike I've ever heard before. The track is alive and energetic and is something I admire in edm. Alexander Pielsticker has done an outsanding job in this compositon and I highly reccomend this track personally.

From his first to his fourth year of age, Alexander preferred to play under the piano. From the age of five, he played everything by heart on the piano. He is also devoted to the trumpet as well as the vocal part and represents the entire genre of music from classical to modern. He believes in the unity of literature, improvisation and composition. He studies two degree programs at the ArtEZ in Arnhem, on the one hand composition, film & theater and on the other hand piano jazz & pop. He works closely with various artists as a music producer, composer and pianist.

Listen Here: