Ateo Feo Releases A New Track Entitled "Knock Knock"

Ateo Feo has released a new track entitled Knock Knock.

The track is upbeat and of the pop/jazz nature. The song is comical and regards the matter of what happens when you knock at the wrong day. A musical journey if you will, that is versatile and dynamic. The track is also accompanied by a animation you can view on Youtube.

Ateo Feo lives in Miami, Fl. He writes, produces, and performs his own unique brand of funk rap jazz rock music. Currently, one of his music videos has over half a million views on YouTube. That video is called White People. It gained a bit of controversy due to its controversial lyrics and cartoon music video.

You can listen to Knock Knock here:

Knock knock: White People: Bathe In Sin: Fear the Pc Police: Happy Healthy Vegan Gains: