LegaCi Releases New Track "Man Oh Man"

LegaCi has released a new track and music video entitled Man Oh Man.

Her new track Man Oh Man does not disappoint. Her swaggerful flow complements the hard hitting instrumental. LegaCi poses a threat to the whole industry with this evolutionary track. The whole composition works perfectly, with the juicy 808s and quick flow, this is a track you want to be listening to.

The vocals of this track are recorded to perfection. LegaCi has a very dynamic and noticeable flow. She posses the ability to switch up the speed of her verses which is a true talent that is favored in this industry. LegaCi makes a strong and powerful statement in this track with her word choice and praised flow.

You find your self wanting to hum to the chorus of the song. The fiery and boastful lyrics drags you in and entices you to start dancing.

This is a highly recommended track; add it to your playlist, put it on repeat because you will not be disapointed.

The track is also accompanied by a music video which you can view here: