David Cardona Bohorquez aka 28 Lines Set To Release New Track "Implode" May 31st

David Cardona Bohorquez aka 28 Lines is set to release a new track Implode, May 31st.

"Implode" describes the death of a star, chanting a motive through impacts and explosions until all that's left is a stopping heart-beat and textures that reminisce the star’s presence in the form of stardust. David Cardona Bohorquez aka 28 Lines demonstrates the creative exploration of audio techniques, incorporating the resulting sounds into an evocative musical context on this first single fully composed and produced by him. The effort is backed up by New York based record label Music Dribble Entertainment.

The music is conventional in style, yet creative in capturing the essence of a narrative. All the instruments working together to create the impactful composition and it works really well. 28 Lines has done a magnificent job in crafting such a mysterious and intriguing composition. We are excited for you to hear this track.