Louie Lahana Releases New Single "Sad But True"

Louie Lahana has released here fourth single entitled, Sad But True.

In the late 90's I moved to NYC-- living in a shabby walkup in Greenwich Village. This is a love song to that place and time. It's also the story of how Lahana came to realize that steadiness and strength in relationships win out over fleeting passions. The song is Alternative, but heavily influenced by the artist's college years as a hip-hop emcee in Santa Cruz California. It's designed to feel like a journey full of memories, struggles, and deliverance.

The track is a fusing between a few genres. The instrumental has the feeling of an alternative jam, yet the verses are reminiscent of a hip-hop song. The chorus is then experimental yet again. The careful switching and fusing between genres has worked out well for the artist, as Lahana has been able to create an intriguing and engaging composition that draws you in from the get go.

Listen Here: