Veek Aesthetics Has Released A New EP "GoingThruAlot"

21 year old singer/songwriter from New Zealand Veek Aesthetics, has released a new 3 track EP entitled GoingThruAlot.

The EP is of the lofi vibe. The opening track Things Change is raw and authentic. Highlighting the unfavourable realities of life that things do change. The raw flow on the lofi beat is something special. The EP then proceeds to the next track Where Do We Go? The track is driven by the clicky percs and melancholic vocals. The EP finishes with the track GoingThruAlot , is more upbeat when compared to the last two tracks. Veek maintains is raw and authentic through the entirety of the track. I think it is important that the whole EP was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by this artist in one day. The end result is immaculate. Listen Here: