You're Next Releases New Single "Comping"

You're Next, has released a new single entitled Comping.

If you follow my Instagram (@noahpenza plug plug), you would already realize this track and understand how passionate I am about this band! Let's deconstruct this track. The drums provide the rhythm and the "get up" of this composition. that sexy bass is amplified and positions the listner. The keyboard adds the unique touch to the the composition and Travis completes the composition with his sacred vocals. The track is somewhat playful and a track I have had on repeat for a while now. This track is beautiful and you can listen here:

In 2009, Travis was a solo songwriter. He was then recruited by a local rock band and the band recorded 2 studio EPs. The band went on hiatus in the Fall of 2013. Travis, Ethan, and Matthew Johnston (keyboards) returned to the studio in 2014 and began recording sessions with a new producer. Shortly after a second hiatus, Travis left the band in the Summer of 2015.

You're Next comprises of upbeat sounds and playful lyrics. You can hear a certain level of influence from bands such as Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend.

Prior to their new release, You're Next released a 15 track album entitled Lucid With Strangers. The album is particularly playful and energetic in the sounds emitted. A grand example of this is the start of the second track Let's Go To Work. An unusual yet energetic uprising is composed and prepares the listener for an upbeat listening experience.

Another fast and upbeat track of the album is Nice Guys. This track has a rapid drum pattern that I find super intriguing and a joy to listen to. The vocals throughout the entirety of the album are consistent and provide ease.

Martin Freeman is another feel good composition in the track-listing of the album. The vocals in this track are reminiscent of the summer and complement the dynamic and versatile instrumental that is created. The keyboard especially plays a key role in this track in creating a sense of uniqueness.

The intermission He's American tones things down a little, but there is a heavy focus drawn to the vocals and execution. The track is a simple vocals and piano track, but strong in message and serves its purpose well of an intermission.

The following track Liberate You sounds a little more electronic in comparison to the artist's other work. However, the track works in sustaining the band's upbeat theme and playful lyrics.

All in all, You're Next puts a great deal of effort and pasison into music to create beautiful upbeat compositions for us to enjoy. It is highly reccomend that you check out this artist's music and what he has to offer.