Zascha Has Teamed Up With Mishka Beats To Release New EP "Blind"

Zascha has teamed up with producer Mishka Beats to release a new EP entitled Blind.

The best way to describe this EP - is a journey. You start this EP not knowing what to expect. No, this is not a mixtape of 5 tracks, it is a well produced sequential narrative told by Zascha in parts. Unique vocal techniques are used to portray emotion throughout the compositions. Zascha and Mishka Beats have equal input into this project. Zascha adds flow and a narrative to the instrumental produced by Mishka that in its own right, tells a narrative. This EP is meaningful and wholesome, touching on social struggles and marrying that struggle with a strong sense of symbolism. This is a near perfect EP that I will personally find myself listening to in years to come. I hope you find the same enjoyment I had while listening to this masterpiece from start to end with no breaks. Listen here: