Mukaybin Mukayze Has Released A New Album "Golden Child"

Rapping sensation Mukaybin Mukayze, has released a new album entitled Golden Child.

There are 16 strong and well composed tracks on this album. The album begins with the track All Night. The track starts slower then the later tracks, but is a great opening for the album, and prepares the audience for whats next. The track Clock is heavy in bass and extravagant in flow. This is the longest track on the album, yet every second of the track is engaging. Dear Mama has a heartfelt message with a contemporary style and execution. The vocals in this track feel meaningful and emotional. I Love The Way also sounds emotional, the themes convey heartbreak and is perfectly captured with vocal style. As they say, hurt creates the best art. Name Brands is a light hearted track about consumer goods and is complemented by the bouncy and enthusiastic instrumental. The final track on the album is possibly my favorite. Tumble is much slower, similar to the opening of the track. The lyricism and vibe in this composition is emotional and really places the audience in a melancholic state. This is a highly recommended