Turn Over Release New EP "Emily"

Indie/Rock band fresh out of Rome Turn Over, has released a new EP entitled Emily.

There are 7 tracks in this brilliantly composed EP. The starting track Dear Dad, starts slow, but slowly builds up to a triumphant and emotional track. The guitar solo towards the end of the track is also flawless and works well with the theme of the composition. The self-titled track of the EP, Emily, stats more upbeat then the track prior. You are mesmerized by the guitar solo and foreign vocals to the typical English listener. The following tracks (excluding Please Come Here), are in Italian. However, you definitely appreciate the composition and the message the instruments convey, even if the language is foreign to you. This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here:

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3vmpJqlNqGueods1V9pRUY?si=8lLtXgMMTguqFmV6JfUXMQ