Sonny Nox Releases New Track "Run Free"

Sonny Nox has released a new track entitled Run Free.

The vocals are glorious and shine through this track, enlightening the audience with a strong and peaceful message. There is a simple yet applauded pluck-like melody in the drop, and a thick punchy bass throughout the entirety of the track. The kicks and snares progress the track well. All in all this a great track to listen to and you can listen here:

Sonny started gaining experience in a home studio at an early age. Since then Sonny has made big progress. His production style and his creative process is one to be admired. The melody of the track is something that is often hard to create, yet, Sonny creates a seamless and engaging melody. What Sonny has achieved even impresses fellow producers like myself, and I am excited to hear more content from this artist.