Muenster Releases New Album "WEIRDOPE"

Muenster has released a new album Weirdope.

I want to share my thoughts on the track Equinox which features X Calibur. The track's hook is crazily catchy. The instrumental is raw and you can feel the passion and emotion in the bass-line of the snappy kicks and snares. The instrumental of this track complements the vocal style of both X Calibur and Muenster. The two demonstrate versatile and unique flows in this track. This overall is a great and highly recommended track.

You can stream Equinox here:

Music that is conscious, inspires, anthropological and ignites social discourse is what Muenster’s music represents. Muenster returns after his last gripping album “Radio Dogpile” with this new album titled ‘Weirdope’ which is set to release both physically and on all streaming platforms on April 2nd 2019. This album is a social commentary on the current state of hip hop and the state of the Union. A coming of age for Muenster showcasing his ability to detail the nuances of the world around him.

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About Muenster:

Born in Austin, Texas, Muenster is a prolific performer, a dexterous wordsmith and a master emcee. Muenster was already in love with music as a young 5 year old boy making up band names in his head and pretending to perform to rocks and dinosaurs on the school bus. Having been heavily influenced by rap music of the 90’s featuring the likes of Eric B, Fat Boys, Rakim, Fresh Prince, Run DMC and artists from the Good Life Café, Project Blowed, Freestyle Fellowship, Hip Hop Kclan, CVE, ATU and so many more, he started rapping publicly in parties and small gigs before moving to Denton and becoming a crucial part in the growth of Hip Hop music there. He has been working as an independent musician touring, performing at gigs and recording songs for the last 15 years. Follow Muenster on Social media through these channels: