Mugga Mont Releases Album "Recognition & Intervention"

Mugga Mont has released an album entitled Recognition & Intervention. The project is 17 tracks long.

The Album title speaks for itself it's motivation for the youth especially but caters to everyone, it sheds light on being ambitious, living dreams, & succeeding while being happy and having fun. The instrumentals consist of well chopped instrumentals and beautiful grand piano melodies, accompanied by punchy kicks and snares. The vocals are bright and clear from track to track.

Mugga Mont's latest single Goals Holidays Occasions, paints the image with the intention of saying congratulations to all Class of 2019 Graduates to encourage more great things to come, shed light on celebration of Mothers & Father's day that was following all graduations. Mont does this perfectly through his use of rhyme and individual flow. Mugga Mont is definetly a hot artist to keep an eye on.

Listen here: