Band Of Liars Release New Album "The Truth"

Band Of Liars has released a new 10 track album entitled The Truth.

This album sets a new standard for country albums. The messages in these tracks are genuine and stick to the themes of what makes country - country. The Americana styled guitars and rhythmic drums presents clarity throughout the entirety of the album. This is by far one of my favourite country albums released this year on Fresh Out Of The Booth. The dynamic and versatile vocals mixed with the modern yet very true to tradition instrumental appeals to me personally.

One of my favourite tracks on this album is Shoulda Known Better. The guitar work in this composition is flawless and dynamic, while the clear vocals paint a vivid narrative. The drums develop a unique toe-tapping rhythm.

Another favourite track on this album is coincidentally entitled Favourite Song. The vocals on this track reach new heights, while the instrumental adapts and presents a vivid narrative for the track. The guitar solo after the first chorus also is fantastic.

The band has also released a new music video for their track Trouble. The track maintains the band's high spirits and energy. The vivid music video which highlights the nightlife and the troubles that come along with taking chances accompanies the track well. If you are viewing our post on a computer, you can view the video here:

Music Video link -

You need to experience this album for yourself, and furthermore, you need to understand the band's background.

The band was formed by a few friends who had troubles and complications going on in their life. Some of the band members were going through a divorce while other band members were just really struggling. The formation of the band acted as a coping mechanism.

As a result, the music is equal parts sublime fun and introspective sadness, both with a gritty truthfulness that is always lurking right below the surface. There is an instant connection to the band and their music when you first hear their album or performance.

Producer Shane Soloski must be recognised for his hard work in making this band a reality and working tirelessly with vocals and instrumentals in order to create the best sound possible.

You can listen to the band's latest album here: