A2BvC2Z Record Label Releasing New Singles

The A2BvC2Z Record label have artist Layer Music Project and KARKIDAKAM releasing singles. Layer Music Project released a single entitled Whispers from the other world while KARKIDAKAM released After the rains.

The label majors in Pure Electro, Dance, Techno , Minimal, Chill, Deep House, Electro Clash, Ethnic Psychedelic, Future Bass, Synth Minimal. They admire the distinctive and unique sound, present in both new released tracks.

Falling somewhere in the arena of underground artists, LAYER, this time has come up with niche compositions under the Chill and Fusion genres of the EDM sphere. The compositions pull you to the dance floor and then take you down to that solitary corner of yours but the trance stays with you. There is a closely knitted pattern of electronic instruments delivering a classy production as well as rendering a story to it which is

forte of LAYER. All the compositions of LAYER have a saga which the listeners love to unfold in their own versions. Whispers does the same. Who knows ours are the only spoken words floating in the air around? May be there are whispers , zillions of them , around in the cosmos talking with each other , weaving and sharing stories incomprehensible to us - the Human Beings. " Whispers from the other world " is a saga of this conversation , a peep into the other world.


After The Rains is a ‘minimal melody’ capturing the reverberations the lovers of rains feel post a beautiful pour. Curated by Saurabh Chandrasekhar – the man behind KARKIDAKAM – the track, like his other creations, is an ode to the monsoon season going in sync with the meaning of KARKIDAKAM, the Malayalam month of rains and spirituality. This is an elobarate piece of work that really portrays and communicates emotion. This is a very unique track and unlike something I've ever experienced before. This track is of the upmost quality and presents a unique and engaging adventure.