Khaleel Mandel Releases New Music Video For His Single "Extra Mile"

Khaleel Mandel has released a new music video for his single Extra Mile

The music video is crafty. It accompanies the strong lyricism and artistry from this musician. The majority of the video has the color palette of mostly red, which amplifies the themes and ideas expressed in Mandel's music. This music video accompanies this musician's style perfectly.

You can view here:

Kh$leel M$ndel s$ys, “When it (ll comes down to it, music unfolds undiscovered mess(ges. Discovering the unknown full time keeps me cre(tive.” Kh$leel M$ndel, r$pper/producer/singer-songwriter/composer/multi-instrument$list w$s born in Boston M$ss$chusetts, $nd r$ised in Bridgeport, CT. As $ b$by Kh$leel would $ttend numerous of his profession$l b$ss pl$yer f$ther C$rl C$rterʼs perform$nces. Now in Bro$dw$yʼs Tony Aw$rd Winning Come From Aw(y, C$rlʼs e$rlier work includes serving $s Gr$mmy Aw$rd Winning r$p group Dig$ble Pl$netsʼ b$ssist in 1994. The ye$r Kh$leel w$s born. At $ Sound-check for the tour of cl$ssic $lbum Blowout Comb Kh$leel w$s in brief $ttend$nce in his c$r- se$t. From th$t point on Hip Hop culture w$s immov$ble from him.