PRODUC Releases New Album "1970"

PRODUC has released a new 17 track album entitled 1970.

This project is a vibe. From the opening track Reality, you are immersed in the sounds and well produced samples of the 70's. The bass and melodies in this track alone are beautiful. The flow is legendary and paints a narrative. This is a strong opening track for the album.

Na5x takes a different approach, and relies more on the 808s. This is a great track and an artist that can master so many different styles and sub-genres must be appreciated in the industry.

Dgaf has a pluck/ambient like melody that complements the laid back hook and dynamic flow of this artist. This track is a stand out and sounds extravagant.

Phases has a very different approach when compared to the previous tracks. The instrumental sounds very ambient and graceful. The flow complements the well produced beat and thus, an experience and unique vibe is created.

Weakness takes yet another approach. The doubled vocals in the chorus is pleasing and appreciated. An artist that can undertake so many different sounds in one project and make them seamlessly flow is a rare quality in this industry. PRODUC does it easy.

Lay in The Breeze has some electronic elements to it and adds versatility to the overall project. The melody in the hook has me amazed. I personally added this to my private heavy rotation project.

No_appoligies executes an rnb feel. With the rhythmic sampled melody and sing-a-long type hook, this is a favoured track of mine.

Let It Go is a vibe in itself. A drug absorbed track, the themes work in accordance with the beat in order to create a feel good rhythm. The bass is heavy and right in this track. The same is achieved in Smokin_Chillin.

This is a highly recommended album/experience. You can listen here: