The Radio Buzzkills Release New Album "Get Lost"

Punk band The Radio Buzzkills have released a new album entitled Get Lost.

The album is a tremendous improvement from the band's last project, Get Fired, with refined cutting edge lyricism and new humorous and cleverly crafted sounds. Jenny’s harmonies take this band from really good to great. There is a clear comparison with bands like Screeching Weasel and The Teen Idols but the band manage to have a very unique “Buzzkills Sound” throwing doo whop vocal and 80’s metal curve balls that keep the listener guessing, and smiling. Therefore, the band has gained massive traction outside of the US.

The album starts off with a bang, Tattletale. The song is somewhat humorous with the vocals and theme. The guitars develop a sturdy rhythm and the drums keep the listener attracted. This song is loud and energetic. Everything you want in a punk track.

A faster track on the album is Cannibal Girlfriend. The theme is interesting to say the least, and the backing vocals add a lot of personality to this track. This track maintains the excitement of the album.

Shark Surfer is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the album, and possible one of the band's best produced tracks. The surfer like melody is transformed into a punk song, highlighting the band's musical wit and talent. The drums keep up to add excitement value to this track and although this track lacks a lot of vocals, there is still a lot to offer in this track.

The One Is Bitter sounds like it should be the soundtrack of a Hollywood movie about teens on spring break. This track sounds superb and it feels good to listen to. The accordance of the guitars, drums, bass and vocals all work perfectly to create a quick 2 minute upbeat feel good track.

She Died on that Deathstar is a lot more heavier than the previous tracks, but maintain the band's momentum and energy. A really well composed track and a stand out track on the album.

This is a highly recommended album for all our punk-loving readers. Give this band a go! Vinyl release in October.

Listen here: