Chughey Releases New Album "Lost In My Mind"

Chughey has released a new album entitled Lost In My Mind.

Chughey shows a versatile and skilful rap flow in this new project. The project opens up with a bang, Maneuver, which is one of Chughey most popular tracks to date. The track showcases this artist's emotional and impactful lyricism and powerful instrumental.

The track Nothing New shows similarities. The artist's emotional and impactful flow is continued in this track, but a new theme and narrative is composed in this track.

Deepest takes a more emotional turn. It is perfectly placed and breaks up the album. The instrumental is emotionally appealing and the flow accompanies the emotion conveyed.

Fine has a bit of a bounce to it. The 808 and bass are fine tuned in this track and the vocals are flawless in creating an experience.

This is a highly recommended album. The tracks in it have already entered my heavy rotation so you know this one is good!

Listen here:


Chughey, is a hip-hop musician who puts passion and hard-work into everything he creates. Originally from Rock, MI, currently residing in Gladstone, MI, Chughey, got into making music in 2012 after an accident snowskating. Always having a creative outlet throughout life, first drawing, then skateboarding/ snowskating, and on to making music, Chughey, needed something to express his creative side through after being injured and unable to skate