SESPOOL Set To Release New Album " (this love is) Eternal" July 12

SESPOOL is set to release his new alternative hip hop album (this love is) Eternal on July 12.

SESPOOL is the alternative hip hop project of Sean E. Sullivan from San Francisco, CA. Sean E does all beat production, instrumentation, singing, and rapping across the ten tracks of "(this love is) eternal" which will be self-released on July 12 across all streaming platforms.

The opening track, Love Was A Drug, sets up the listener into what to expect in the album. Emotion. Pain. Changing the norms of music. Experimentation. This is a strong opening, crossing singing with rapping and Hip Hop with an alternative nature. This gives you a taste into the music.

Overcome has a very unconventional form. Starting with a dialogue and quickly changing to a fast paced minor track. The vocal and flow on this track is spot on and intriguing. A highly recommended track that experiments with forms, hooks and genres.

The Choice has a very unique and individual vibe to it. This track stands out from the other tracks. Although the lyrics are melancholic, the instrumental feels upbeat. An intriguing approach, but still works in conveying the message and theme.

Five Little Words has an intense and hybrid backing track. A track that pulls you in from the very first few beats of the track. A highly recommended track in my opinion.

This project is beautiful and I highly reccomend you listen upon release.

You can stream The Choice and pre-order the album using this link: