Nell B Releases New Single "Bullets"

Artist Nell B has released a new single entitled Bullets.

The track is chill and easy to connect with. The slow-like yet gracious fit well with the synth based melody of the track. The vocals are warm and clear. The kicks, snares and hi hats create an intriguing experience. All in all this is a well produced composition that I highly recommend.

Let's narrow in on the meaning of this wonderful composition. This song is about having barely escaped an emotional meltdown after being in a one sided relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable. It recounts the lovers who disappointed the artist and who she considers to have been bullets dodged.

The artist ask questions about her failed relationship and question who was at fault and who was in the wrong.

She states "Perhaps I deserved to have been dodged myself because Of my own issues. In the end I just want someone who is down to stick it out over the long haul but none have amounted to that." - A powerful message portrayed through song.

Listen here:

The single “Bullets” is from the upcoming album “Love Alchemy” which will release July 16.