Young Goats Release New Album "Goat Life"

New upcoming rappers Young Quan and Goatey, known as Young Goats, have released a new 15 track album entitled Goat Life.

The album has a dance feel vibe to it, a unique sound to experiment with rap. This works however in creating an engaging project. The vocals are crisp and easy to process, and the accompanied instrumental creates a positive and uplifting emotion.

Young Goats, new upcoming SoCal rappers Young Quan and Goatey really be out there known for turning up and not holding back on stage. Young Quan(21) born in Broward County Florida and Goatey(22) from the DMV, met up in Los Angeles as solo artists and put there voices together which perfectly complement each other as well as their energy. Young Goats is their only project released so far and was put together in two weeks then released on all major platforms.

Goats continue to exhibit their diversity making a wide range of different tracks from their slow Gospel rap type hit Miami Nights, club must plays on their trap song Like What, to Dancehall songs Silencio and What Love is also even making a county banger on the track Montana. GTMs Young Goats is a must listen, truly has something on their for everyone. Get to know them before you just "Riding the Wave".

Listen here: