Thelonious Love Releases New Album "The Book Of Thelonious"

Rapper Thelonious Love, has released a new album entitled The Book Of Thelonious.

The album opens with a progressive intro before exploding into a versatile and dynamic rap verse. This is one of the most engaging opening tracks I've heard in a while. The dialogue is essential to the slow build up of instrumental.

All tracks on this album are of the upmost quality and production. The flow and lyrical talent shown by this artist engages me personally. I would strongly recommend this album.

Songwriter, lyricist and performer, Thelonious Love hails from Houston, where his love for the Arts and writing began. After spending time in the theater, Thelonious Love found his home in music, relocating to Austin and joining Jurnt Entertainment. His fire-and-brimstone lyrical work is an open diary to themes of rebellion, spiritual rumination, effective activism, and dealing with the daily struggles of overcoming adversity.

Swaggering a unique baritone delivery, fit for his unconventional rap style, he melds southern styles of Austin, Houston, and New Orleans, concocting a medley of sounds with street style production from producer Noah Fendz.

Listen here: