RAGS AND RICHES Release New EP "Arrival"

RAGS AND RICHES have released a new EP entitled Arrival.

RAGS AND RICHES are an adrenalized, American Pop-Rock band hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2017, the band features brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt. Over the last two years, the band has discovered their unique sound, identity, and aesthetic.

Their new EP is nothing short of entertaining and engaging. From the very start of the track Arrival, you are drawn in from the simple melody and rhythmic drum patterns. The vocals work so well in complementing the instrumental of the composition. The following track X, keeps the momentum flowing.

The production quality of this EP is of the most pristine quality. You instantly fall in love with the experience RAGS AND RICHES create. With the 3D like sounding kicks, and the well balanced melodies, the entirety of this EP is radio ready, which is something to admire from an independent artist. The way all the songs sound and feel on this EP is perfect. There is a momentous and uplifting spirit felt from track to track. The only personal criticism I have is that I want more! I want more from this Pop band. Although the band was only founded 2 years ago, their unique sound and identity has made them stand out. Their music personally speaks to me as a listener and I am attracted to the new sounds they create. Sounds I have never experienced before as a critic.

This is a well produced EP that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking new music and an adventure.

Listen here: