Miccoli Release Debut Album "Arrhythmia"

ALTERNATIVE/INDIE band Miccoli, has released their debut 14 track album entitled Arrhythmia.

Today is an exciting day. For the most promising alternative band of recent times, Miccoli, has finally released their debut album Arrhythmia. Packed with 14 compositions, you are instantly drawn in from the first track, Idle Stranger. This composition is somewhat fast-paced, creating energy and early engagement between artist and listener. The following song, Fear , is easily my favourite. A down-tempo composition following the first track, the male and female whisper like vocals are well balanced in creating an emotion. The drums aren't over the top, but complement the beautifully played lead guitar and easy-listening and dynamic vocals.

You can really feel the bass in the beginning of Undo. ˆWhen the vocals make their introduction to the composition, you instantly fall in-love. A reoccurring theme in this album is the mixture of female and male vocals. This is perfected by Miccoli. The tracks progresses and creates energy building up and through the duration of the chorus.

Lights has a very different start in comparison to early tracks. The beginning feels very uplifting. This is because of the major key the melody was created in. The male vocals really shine in this track. This track sounds beautiful from the very beginning.

Angels and Demons sounds pure. All parts of the band really complement each-other in creating a strong composition. The male and female vocals complement the beautifully composed guitar melody and the engaging drums.

Sirens sounds different yet again to the previous tracks of the album. You can appreciate the band's variety and their multiple approaches to music.

The self-titled track Arrhythmia is a stand out track. You are instantly drawn in from the softly played guitar and raspy vocals. This is a very strong and well composed track. Everything works great in this track to create a unique and enthusiastic experience.

This is a highly recommended album. For a debut album, everything sounds perfected and of the highest quality. This is an album to soon enter my heavy rotation, and I can't wait for more music by this very promising band.

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