Cocoy Claravall and Deri Susino Release A New Single "Soulmates of 98"

Cocoy Claravall and Deri Susino have released a new track Soulmates of 98.

This composition is strong in romanticism and sparking pure emotion. The vocals are large yet soft and pure and sincere. The lovely adaptive vocals complement the beautifully picked acoustic guitar on this track. Each string is struck correctly in creating a a heart-felt experience. When the woodwinds come in, it adds to the emotion and experience. The song slowly progresses, later adding a soft percussion rhythm. This is a song dedicated to the artist's wife and the family they have created, since the pair was married in 1998, hence the title. This is a pure and beautiful composition.

Listen Here:

Cocoy is an Indie Christian Artist from Manila, Philippines. He is also a tech guy and an independent playlist curator. You can reach him via the contact details below:

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